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Bone Crossed (A Mercy Thompson Novel)

by Patricia Briggs

Published by Ace

Print edition 2009

Reviewed by Jonette Butler
Review posted 10/12/09

ISBN 978-0-441-01676-1

It is time I offered a review of one of the supernatural novels that are now so popular. The world of the Mercy Thompson novels is one inhabited by humans, vampires, the fae, werewolves, shapeshifters etc. Mercy Thompson is a shape shifter who shifts between coyote and human — her shift is not in any way affected by the phases of the moon. Her mother sent Mercy to be raised by the Marrok — the uber-alpha head of all of the werewolves in North America. Mercy is the owner/operator of an auto repair shop specializing in Volkswagen repairs and maintenance. She has complicated relationships with her foster brother Samuel and with Adam, alpha of the local (Tri-Cities) werewolf pack (and her next-door neighbor), the local vampires and the local fae. Bone Crossed is the fourth book in the series. I recommend reading the whole series, starting with Moon Called.

While I’m sure it stands alone nicely, Bone Crossed answers questions about events from the earlier books and I believe my reading experience was enhanced by already having read the first 3 books. Ms. Briggs does a beautiful job of addressing Mercy’s emotional and psychological healing process as she recovers from a savage attack suffered in the 3rd book, Iron Kissed. She also smoothly relates the consequences and resolution thereof to a “favor” Mercy did for the local vampires in the 2nd book, Blood Bound, while introducing some fascinating new fae and solving Mercy’s dilemma about choosing a partner friend Samuel and neighbor Adam.

Mike Briggs says of wife Patricia, “Her books manage to capture a sense of the magic that she sees in the world around her.” I believe that! Mercy is a fascinating woman and her world keeps growing with every new book. This is supernatural mystery, fantasy, action thriller and a touch of romance in top form.

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