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White Night (Book 9 Dresden Files)

by Jim Butcher

Published by ROC Books

Copyright April 2007

Reviewed by Jonette Butler
Review posted 9/16/08

For those following Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, if you haven’t read White Night (book 9), released in hard cover April 2007, there’s no time like the present!

I had some concern that the television series would change the way Butcher is writing the books. We’ve seen that happen when other concepts cross over from print media to TV or film. White Night completely dispelled my concern. It is another romping ride on the leather coat tail of one Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, while he gets reacquainted with an old lover, old foes and the usual cast of inner demons, both real and imagined. “The quality of mercy” he tells us “is not Harry.”

According to, Penguin Books’ Roc Publishing will be releasing book 10, Small Favors in April of 2008. You can see the cover art from the new book and others on artist Christian McGrath’s website . Check out Jim Butcher’s podcasts and other miscellanea on . Neither the fan website or the podcast website are updated as frequently as some of us might like, but they are fun places to visit!

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