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BSFS 50th Anniversary Party
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BSFS 50th Anniversary Party, Caption info from multiple sources, send improvements on...

1. Cover of invitations sent out for the party. pictures/bsfs50thA-2.jpg
2. The cake created by the Bel Air Bakery when Dale Arnold challenged them to make an ostentatious 3D cake for 100 people.
3.The cake as exhibited at the party. pictures/bsfs50thA-4.jpg
4. Martin Deutch, BSFS President, opened the festivities.
5. Dave Etlin, spoke about the founding. pictures/bsfs50thA-6.jpg
6. Dave was joined by Ron Bounds, the other surviving founder of BSFS.
7. More Ron and Dave. pictures/bsfs50thA-8.jpg
8. Alexander Harris gave an impassioned speech about the grand future of BSFS.
9. Michele Rosenberg read a proclamation of congratulations from the Baltimore City Council. pictures/bsfs50thA-10.jpg
10. The crowd watches the speakers. Patti Kinlock's slide show about BSFS runs projected on wall in the background.
11. John Zaharick, Sara Pinsker, Alexander Harris and Ben Wang. pictures/bsfs50thA-12.jpg
12. The front of the room was set with cakes and punch.
13. Above it all the Dalek contemplated its humiliating status as a holiday decoration and dreamed of extermination. pictures/bsfs50thA-14.jpg
14. Crowd shot from the stairs.
15. Another crowd shot from the stairs. pictures/bsfs50thA-16.jpg
16. Yet another crowd shot from the stairs.
17. Panorama crowd shot. pictures/bsfs50thA-18.jpg
18. Another crowd shot with Hugo winner Alexis Gilliland in the center.
19. There was a Ravens game going on and some folks watched it in the front room. pictures/bsfs50thA-20.jpg
20. More folks watching the game in the front room.
21. Dr. Yoji Kondo (aka author Eric Kotani) and Ursula Kondo. pictures/bsfs50thA-22.jpg
22. Author L. Jagi Lamplighter, author Catherine Asaro and author Brenda W. Clough.
23. Steve Stiles, Unknown, Elaine Stiles, Dave Ettlin and Bonnie Schupp. pictures/bsfs50thA-24.jpg
24. Author T.J. Perkins in foreground and Author Rebecca York in background.
25. Author John C. Wright and his Wife author L. Jagi Lamplighter. pictures/bsfs50thA-26.jpg
26. Saraya and Max, Children and Grandchildren of BSFS members.
27 Jonette Butler and Seth Rosenberg and Max pictures/bsfs50thA-28.jpg
28. Eta Hack and Ruth Boehme
29. Beecker Greenman and Mark Roth. pictures/bsfs50thA-30.jpg
30. Liz Lewis, Perrianne Lurie, Sarah Pinsker
31. Eric Gasior, Ruth Boehme,Art Blumberg, Jul Owings pictures/bsfs50thA-32.jpg
32. Pati Kinlock and Dr. Gandalf in camera mode.
33. Ground level crowd shot pictures/bsfs50thA-35.jpg
34. Shirley Avery, Lee Ann Dinkin and Thomas Horman
35. Jul Owings, Eileen Shaivitz pictures/bsfs50thA-37.jpg
36. A discussion about the nature of the universe begins.
37. Nora Echeverria and Eric Fleischer pictures/bsfs50thA-39.jpg
38. Brian Butler and Jonette Butler
39. Paul O'Neil and Karlo Yeager pictures/bsfs50thA-42.jpg
40. Stephanie Galacci and Saraya
41. Ron Bounds and Marty Gear pictures/bsfs50thA-44.jpg
42. Eva Whitley and Ted Rosenberg
43. Eva, Jack Chalker's widow, holds the cake decoration about the Jack L. Chalker Young Writer's Contest. pictures/bsfs50thA-46.jpg
44. Ron Bounds and Mike Walsh, Publisher of Old Earth Books.
45. Ron Bounds; Dave Ettlin; Tom Beck, Chief Curator Special Collections Albin O. Kuhn Library; Bonnie Schupp pictures/bsfs50thA-34.jpg
46. Patti Kinlock and Jul Owings
47. That debate on philosophy continues... pictures/bsfs50thA-50.jpg
48. Leo Sands and Ellen Montgomery
49. Dana Carson pictures/bsfs50thA-52.jpg
50. Many of the BSFS Membership contributed to the party, but Ann Rudolpf [in red] coordinated and purchased the budgeted stuff and prep-ed most of the food.
51. Ann Rudolpf carves the 3D cake. pictures/bsfs50thA-54.jpg
52. Reverse side of 3D cake.
53. Mark Roth cuts the cake he made and donated to the festivities. pictures/bsfs50thA-56.jpg
54. Towards the end of the party someone brought out a game.
55. Closeup of cake details. pictures/bsfs50thA-58.jpg
56. The Dalek, still decorated from the holiday season, looked on.
57. Con-Suite like food was at the back of the room. pictures/bsfs50thA-60.jpg
58. One of the BSFS members, Mark, brought another cake.
59. More food at the back of the room. pictures/bsfs50thA-62.jpg
60. Punch

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