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  DATES: Easter Weekend, March 28-30, 1975 (First Year On Easter)

VENUE:Pikesville Hilton Hotel, Pikesville, MD
Program Book Cover
Badge Design
Pikesville Hilton Hotel
Balticon Badge 9

  • CHAIR: Charlie Ellis
  • GoH: Hal Clement
  • Committee and Staff
  • big shot--artemus
  • vice chair--lee smoire
  • treasurer-- sue wheeler
  • art show--monica neff
  • film program --don dohler, bob haupt, kim weston.
  • film contest -- gary svehla, rick neff, rich dixon
  • filksing--jim dana
  • hotel liason--lee smoire
  • huckster area --ted pauls, larry kenton
  • parties-- rick neff, sue nice, sue wheeler
  • program --judy kurman
  • program book --steve miller
  • publications -- mike kurman
  • publicity --bill simmons & pat kelly
  • registration: at the door--norman schwarz, dave bowman advance--dave phillips
  • collating, scheduling, meetings, and gophers-- sally albaugh, mark owings, kleeo hondias

  • also thanks to the Baltimore Hilton Inn, BSFS,and to the many who have contributed time and energy to Balticon this time around.

  • Memories From Mark Owings:

    images/1x1.gif "1975 was the first year on Easter and the first we were not downtown. That was the year that the stage in one program room collapsed when the panelists stood up simultaneously at the end of the hour; the year all the rooms had digital locks and a techie walked down a hall, pointed a little gizmo at the locks, and then pulled the doors closed so they would lock again; and the year the hotel tried to sue us for damages (a couple hundred for a wastebasket, for instance) but could only find the addresses of two people who had no assets or steady employment."

  • Memories From Hal Haag (who wasn't there.....):

    images/1x1.gif "Not to start an argument or anything, but someone that had attended Balticon 9 told me a slightly different version of the door-opening thing. (I don't remember who it was, maybe Michael Walsh...) Apparently, two people left the bar late one night and one bet the other that he could open the majority of the room doors. Hotel patrons chose their own 4-digit room door security code. That person then proceeded to open better than 50% of the doors tried after trying one of two numbers.

    What numbers, you ask? Why 1984 or 2001, of course. It was an SF convention after all!!"

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