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Balticon 10 Memories
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  • From Stevens R. Miller: (age 17 at Balticon X).

    I was a member of Balticon 10. Sorry I can't tell you any names to add to the committee list, but here are a few points I recall, purely from memory (accordingly, they may not be perfectly accurate):

    I believe that GoH Isaac Asimov, who hypnotized his audiences with extemporaneous lectures such as, "Why I Like Myself," was a late replacement when the original GoH couldn't attend.

    Someone wanted to show "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at midnight, but the hotel was resistant. There was a petition, or something of that sort, for people to sign. I don't know if it was shown or not.

    A member with "Filthy Pierre" on his badge sang filk songs--rather well--as he wandered the hallways.

    Both deCamps were present, selling and signing their, "Science Fiction Handbook." Publisher George Scithers was also around, and added his signature to my copy as well (that copy is now lost). He graciously talked to me at length about writing and selling science fiction. When I asked, "What about fanzines?" he told me, "They're your problem."

    I seem to recall someone in a rather impressive Darth Vader outfit, yet Star Wars wouldn't be released until 1977, the following year. Perhaps that's a confused memory.

    A close-up magician worked the halls. His patter and illusions had nothing to do with sf or fantasy, but he was pretty good.

    The dealers' room seemed impressive to me, but I wouldn't want to estimate its size, other than to say it was more than a few dozen tables (could have been much more, really; I just can't recall any better than that).

    I don't recall any panels; there may have been some, but I just don't recall them. I seem to recall a film show.

    A friend bet me $1.00 that Asimov could not recite the Three Laws of Robotics. We spotted him in a hallway, told him about our bet, and asked if he could do it. "Yes," he said, and strolled off. (I collected.)

    To find out more about THE OTHER Steve Miller, noted SF Author, check and for details.

  • More Balticon Memories: If you have any information about fannish activities in Baltimore about this convention that you would like to see included here, please send it to and look for it to be published here!!
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