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Balticon 10 Memories
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  • From Sharon Lee:

    I was a member of Balticon 10. It was my Very First Ever SF convention and I was there because I had won the short story contest. My prize was free membership to the convention, twenty-five dollars, and a chance to meet Isaac Asimov.

    George Andrews, head of the contest, met me at registration on Saturday morning. I fear I was a little too mundane for him, so he left me to the care of his wife, Kathy, a very nice and gracious lady. Eventually, I was turned loose in the dealer's room, where I joyously divested myself of my winning$, discovered the art show, spent some time talking to one of my college classmates, a Mr. Steve Miller, and his wife, Sue. I *did* meet Isaac Asimov, who was charming, and who did his best to put a nervous newbie at ease.

    I'm sure I attended some panels, since I was very seriously trying to Figure It All Out, but the subjects are long lost to memory. Since I was a newbie, and very shy to boot, I didn't know about the parties, and left the con early in the evening.

    I didn't make it back on Easter Sunday, since I was promised to my parents, and I somehow missed the announcement of Balticon 11. But I was back again the year Anne McCaffrey was GoH, and, well, it sorta snowballed, I guess...

    To find out more about Sharon Lee, noted SF Author, check ,
    or for details.

  • More Balticon Memories: If you have any information about fannish activities in Baltimore about this convention that you would like to see included here, please send it to and look for it to be published here!!
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