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Balticon 10 Memories
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  • From Steve Davidson

    Just happened on the site and figured I'd contribute what I could.

    I was tapped to do security for the event and took it very seriously, as I regarded it as an opportunity.

    The committee was a great bunch of people who made me comfortable in my new role and everything paid off when we had a 'fire' in the art show.

    Security quietly closed the art show to 'rearrange some exhibits' and then we searched for the fire: everyone on the walkie talkies was waiting to clear the hotel. Then we found the cigarette butt in a planter along with smoldering cedar chips.

    I hardly remember much about the event itselt, running con security is a 24 hour thing, but I do remember that I had a good time.

    Oh - couple of other things:

    If I remember correctly, Gary Farber had a pretty nice display of fanzines set up.

    Joe Mayhew was running around a lot.

    We had to remove numerous people from the pool for skinny-dipping after midnight.

    Of course - that couild all have happened at other cons as well, and probably did!

  • More Balticon Memories: If you have any information about fannish activities in Baltimore about this convention that you would like to see included here, please send it to and look for it to be published here!!
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