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Balticon 12
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  DATES: March 24 - 26, 1978

VENUE:Hunt Valley Inn, Hunt Valley, MD
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Hunt Valley Inn
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  • GoH: Anne McCaffrey
  • CHAIR: Bill Simmons
  • Balticon 12 Committee & Staff:
    • Vice Chair: Martin Deutsch
    • Art Show: Joe Mayhew
    • Balticar: Pat Kelly
    • Chief Assistant: Sue Wheeler
    • Films: Gary Svehla
    • Hotel: Judy Kurman
    • Hucksters: Ted Pauls
    • Mimeo Room: Ed Bennett
    • Program: Bill Simmons
    • Program Book: Mike Kurman
    • Publicity: Rick Jacobs
    • Registration: Kleeo Hondros
    • Treasurer: Shirley Avery
  • Balticon 12 Program Book:

  • Thanks to Jim Houser for furnishing this info:
    "As for attribution ...geez I would hate to risk being Noticed by the SMOF, so you if you decide to mention me, just use "House" which is what pretty much everyone I would have seen at a Balticon would call me anyway. :-)

  • Balticon 12 ancecdotes and stuff: If you have any information concerning this convention that you would like to see included here, please send it to "webmeister at bsfs dot org" and look for it to be published here!!
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