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  DATES: April 20 - 22, 1984

VENUE: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Baltimore, MD
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Hyatt Regency Hotel
Balticon Badge 18
  • GoH: Parke Godwin
  • 1983 COMPTON CROOK WINNER: Donald Kingsbury
  • CHAIR: Sue Wheeler
  • 1984 COMPTON CROOK WINNER: Christopher Rowley
  • 1984 COMPTON CROOK BOOK: War For Eternity
  • Balticon 18 Committee & Staff:
    • VICE CHAIR: Rikk Jacobs
    • Secretaries: Edie Williams, Elaine Stiles
    • Art Show: Shirley Avery & Martin Deutsch
    • City Liaison: Miriam Winder Kelly
    • Dealers' Room: Jul Owings
    • Door Registration: Amy Schwartz
    • Films: Gary Svehla
    • Games: Ray Galacci
    • Golden Age Radio: David Easter
    • Guest Liaison: Betty Bowers
    • Hotel Liaison: Phyllis Kramer
    • Masquerade: Marty Gear
    • Operations: Edie Williams
    • Preregistration: Russell Bowers & Elizabeth Rosenberg
    • Press Relations: Jane Wagner
    • Programming: Harold Bob (Dr. Bob )
    • Publications: David Shea
    • Technical Support: Pat Kelly
    • Many other mnembers and friends of B.S.F.S. have helped and contributed in many ways to the success of this convention. It was thought that rather than list some names and (perhaps inadvertently) omit others who had contributed nearly as much, it was preferable to extend our thanks and appreciation to all the people who have contributed their aid and support to the convention.
  • Compton Crook Award Committee:
    • Mark Owings, Chair
    • Betty Bowers
    • Michaeline Llewelyn
    • Jul Owings
    • David Shea
  • Balticon 18 Program Book:

  • NOTABLE INCIDENTS: Hal Haag and son Evan discover Balticon while sight-seeing thru the Inner Harbor. They spy a lovely young femme-fan dressed only in a chain-mail bikini (and a smile). They never saw her again that year, but Hal was hooked and has not missed a Balticon since then.

  • Balticon 18 Ancecdotes and stuff: If you have any information concerning this convention that you would like to see included here, please send it to "webmeister at bsfs dot org" and look for it to be published here!!

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