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  • DATE: May 25 - 28, 2007 VENUE:
Marriott's Hunt Valley MD
Marriott's Hunt Valley MD

  • GoH: Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
  • Special GoH: Michael R. Mennenga and Evo Terra
  • ART GoH: Joe Bergeron
  • Music GoH: Jeff & Maya Bonhoff
  • CHAIR: Nora Wright
  • VICE CHAIR: Greg Wright
  • 2006 COMPTON CROOK WINNER: Maria V. Snyder
  • 2006 COMPTON CROOK BOOK: Poison Study
  • 2007 COMPTON CROOK WINNER: Naomi Novik
  • 2007 COMPTON CROOK BOOK:His Majesty's Dragon

  • Balticon 41 Committee & Staff:
    • Chair: Nora Wright
    • Convention Vice-Chair: Greg Wright
    • Anime Room: Robert M. Chase
    • Art Show Queen: Shirley Avery
    • Art Show Chancellor: Martin Deutsch
    • Art Show Auctioneer: Eric “Dr. Gandalf” Fleischer
    • Phan Artist Award: Hal Haag
    • BSFAN Editor: Patti Kinlock
    • Children’s Program Scheduler: Miriam Winder-Kelly
    • Video/Computer Gaming Room: Baltimore Gamers Alliance
    • Tabletop Gaming Room: Hal Haag
    • Con-Suite: Leigh Eirich, Anne Dearholt
    • Head Huckster (Dealers Room): Larry Sands
    • Fan Tables/Artist Alley: Liz Lewis
    • Flyers: Nora Wright, Patti Kinlock
    • Filk Program: “Gorgeous” Gary Ehrlich
    • Gaming: David Chalker
    • Guest of Honor Liaison Coordinator: Laura Mann
    • Guest of Honor Liaisons: Dan Guy Fowlkes, Rebecca Bushong-Taylor, Jack Morgan
    • Hotel Liaison: Colette Fozard, Gary Ehrlich
    • Information Desk: Ray Galacci
    • LARP: Emi (Miriam Steiner)
    • Live Theater Coordinator: Dan “Renfield” Corcoran
    • Masquerade: Marty Gear
    • Masquerade Green Room: Cindy Shockey
    • Balticon Command Central Head: Keith “Tomokato” Mayfield
    • Balticon Command Central Staff;
    • Assistant Head: Christian “Kira” Savage
    • 1st Shift Operations Head: Sara Taylor
    • 1st Shift Security Head: Paul Blotkamp
    • 2nd Shift Operations Head: Christine Larson
    • 2nd Shift Security Head: Doug Creamer
    • 3rd Shift Operations Head: Alex Antonakos
    • 3rd Shift Security Head: Christian Savage
    • Party Coordinator: Liz Lewis
    • Pocket Program: Anne-Marie Young
    • Program Coordinator: Greg Wright
    • Assistant Program Coordinators: Sue Wheeler, Anne-Marie Young, Lee Anne Dinkin
    • Program Operations Staff: Sue Wheeleer, Ray Galacci, Jul Owings, Amy Paul, Scratch, Anne-Marie Young, Cypher
    • Literary Program: Jul Owings, Mark Owings
    • Writers Workshop: Steve Lubs
    • Poetry Program: Patti Kinlock
    • Program Participants Green Room: Perrianne Lurie
    • Public Relations Coordinator/Press Liaison: Glenn McLaughlin
    • Purchasing: Thomas “The Red” Horman
    • Publications Coordinator: Patti Kinlock
    • Sponsorships Coordinator: Kory Kaese
    • Registration Coordinator: Brian Alexander
    • Assistant Registration Coordinator: Lee Anne Dinkin
    • Registration Assistant: Megan Allen
    • Kamikaze Computer Services: Mark Schleifer, Craig Forbes, Jay Forbes, Dan Brashler, Megan Schleifer
    • RIF Coordinator: Kelly Shannon Pierce
    • RIF Auctioneer: Eric “Dr. Gandalf” Fleischer
    • RIF Liaison: Marty Gear
    • Art Program: Halla Fleischer
    • Art Program Assistant: Eric “Dr. Gandalf” Fleischer
    • Science Program Tech: Paul Loeschke
    • Science Program Scheduler: Miriam Winder-Kelly
    • Tech Director/Main Tent: Marc Gordon
    • Supply Master: Jonette Butler
    • Assistant Supply Master: Thomas “The Red’ Horman
    • Loadmaster: Martin Deutsch
    • Treasurer: Shirley Avery
    • Video Room: Thomas “The Red” Horman
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Jonette Butler
    • Logistics: Brad Ackerman
    • Special Needs Coordinator: Ellen Montgomery
    • Jack L. Chalker Young Writers Contest: Marty Gear, Miriam Winder-Kelly, Alexandra A. Kelly
    • Sunday Film Festival Coordinator: Jonette Butler
    • Assistant Sunday Film Festival Coordinator: Steve Bartosz
    • Rocket Mail Editor: Hal Haag
    • New & Popular Media Ninja: Paul Fischer
    • New & Popular Media Assistant: Michael Nguyen
    • Tchotchke Tchair (Sales Table): Patti Kinlock
    • Webmaster: Martin Osterman
    • Web Site Design: Nora Wright

  • Link to Balticon 41 Hall Costume Contest Photos

  • Balticon 41 Program Book:

  • Balticon 41 Ancecdotes and stuff: If you have any information concerning this convention that you would like to see included here, please send it to "webmeister at bsfs dot org" and look for it to be published here!!
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