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Pictures From The Holiday Party!!....
BSFS celebrates the Holidays with mix of old and new traditions:
For the second year (that makes it a time-honored old tradition....)
BSFS decorates its Dalek. (The Dalek was a costume created years
ago by local costumer Andrew Bergstrom.)
xmas-dalek.jpg The new tradition is the decoration of one of the Society's step-ladders.
(Rumor has it that the society can't afford a tree..''....)
Any donations can be sent to these poor people at
This address
Shown above decorating the ladder are Dr. Gandalf (A.K.A., Eric Fleisher) and his
wife, the Locus-mentioned artist -- and last year's Balticon Artist Guest of Honor --
Halla Fleisher. In the background, we see long time BSFS member Ted Rosenberg
with little Robin Woodward running up the ramp. Looking on from the left, Donna
Gause is seen admiring the holiday handiwork.

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