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Pictures Found in 2019 that show BSFS Building just after Balticon in 1994
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Dale Arnold opened a drawer that was hidden on a desk at BSFS and found
these old 1994 pictures of what the building looked like in 1994. Just look how far we have come!
The back of the BSFS main room, now called Kelly Hall, with a ground floor shot.
bsfs-build-1994-main-left-low.jpg The main room, Kelly Hall, left hand shot.
bsfs-build-1994-main-back-high.jpg High shot of back of Kelly Hall showing where stairs and office would be.
bsfs-build-1994-main-lft-v-high.jpg High shot of Kelly Hall, left side.
bsfs-build-1994-betty.jpg Shot of outside door to front room with Betty Bowers in shot.
bsfs-build-1994-front-rt.jpg Right side of front room at BSFS, with under stairs door open and old 386 computer
and 25 inch TV in shot with Dale Arnold, Mark Schleifer, Thomas McMullan,
Colette Fozard
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