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Balticon 37 Hall Costume Contest
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Pictures From Balticon 37....
Balticon 37 has a Popular Choice Hall Costume Contest:
A note from the Webmeister:
Balticon 37 Hall Costume Contest information needed!!!
I need to know if the details included below are correct.
Send all information about them to "webmeister at bsfs dot org"
and this page will be corrected.
This was a repeat of the Hall Costume Contest where the Balticon attendees
select the winner by giving their votes to their favorite hall costumers.
The entrants will be listed in the order of their vote results.
The Winner was Abby O'Donnell as V'shar, Andorian Tourist.
No "official" picture was taken of her (that we could find). ;-(
Abby has kindly lent us these pics taken of her by her husband.
She was in this costume all weekend
(at least we think it was a costume.....)
This entrant was only identified as Lord Ramirez.
Lisa "Morakai" Carvell as the Lady in Black.
Nicodemys Carver as a warrior in Celtic leather armor.
Leanna Chamish as The Vampire Queen from the film "Stakes".
Ned Kratzer as the Manic-Depressive.
Megan Taylor as the Purple Wench.
b37images/b37hc007.jpg Phillip Morris as an Operatic Courtesan.
[No Picture]
Stephen A. Kuchera as Stiofan O'Ceallaigh.
b37images/b37hc008.jpg Sharyn Eirich as Neko in Kimono and hakamo.
b37images/b37hc009.jpg Megan Taylor again as Megan Jadeheart being a Dryad.
b37images/b37hc000.jpg BSFS Member Ellen helped me line up the camera.
She was not entered in the contest, but we thought you would like
the pic anyway.

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