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o Social Class Variant:
"A rule that we play with here at college (the rule was apparently originated in the
drinking version of the game, which I do not play) is that you can play on the same
rank instead of 1 higher in order to skip the next person in line, much like playing a
skip in uno. This is just done by playing say a 4 on a 4, or a pair of 6's on a pair of
6's. It changes the dynamic dramatically, often allowing the lower classed individuals
to team up and stick it to the high ups. I have not played this way in a group any larger
than 4 people, and have no idea how it would work with larger groups.

Another rule that my friends like to play with (but I happen to hate, after being schooled
in social class until the wee hours at Worldcon this year) is that a single 2 (we don't
play with jokers) will always clear anything that happens to be there and allow you to
set the next trick. I find this sort of variation to be a very different and also highly
enjoyable game. Its fun to throw on people who aren't used to it."
    ---from Sam on the Rabbit's List.

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