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o This list is not a complete list of all of the clubs that exist, yet. It is a list of the conventions that we are personally interested in, or involved in (or that we have been asked to plug for one reason or another).

o Bay Area Science Fiction Association

o Cincinnati Fantasy Group

o  o  Conglomeration

o  o  Darkover

o  o  Fantek

o  o  FarPoint

newest  o  Games Club Games Club of Maryland We play games.
Our main goal is to have fun.
We welcome all gamers from novice to experienced. We play mostly European-style board games and card games. We all very flexible and easy to get along with. We have members of all ages and from various gaming and non-gaming backgrounds. We promote a positive mental attitude, good sportsmanship, fair play, flexibility, open mindedness, patience and communication. We provide many games, but also ask that members bring their favorites to share with the group. We are always willing to teach and learn new games. There is NO FEE for general membership, and membership is for life.

o Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumer's Guild

o Heinlein Society, The

newest  o  HopSFA - The Johns Hopkins Science Fiction Association

o Imaginative Cinema Society

o Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet

o Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

o  o  Katsucon

o  o  Lambda Sci-Fi A science-fiction, fantasy, and horror club for lesbians, gay men,
bisexuals, transsexuals and their friends in the Washington DC area.

o Little Rock Science Fiction Society

o Los Angeles Science Fiction Society

o  o  LUMSFS This is actually a sign-up platform for a mailing list for a group that used to meet on a regular basis at the College Park, MD "LUMS" Restaurant. It is a moderated list, but if you want to join the group, they might let you.

LUMSFS alternate information site Livejournal

o Markland

o Melbourne Science Fiction Club

o MIT Science Fiction Society Homepage

o New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA)

NorthWest Science Fiction Society

o Penn State Science Fiction Society

o  o  Philadelphia Science Fiction Society Philadelphia Science Fiction Society

o Portland Science Fiction Society

o Prydonians - A Science Fiction Literary organization located near Princeton that has a really good newsletter.

o Rochester Fantasy Fans - The people that bring you Astronomicon.

o Slaski Klub Fantastyki (the guys in Katowice Poland)

newest  o  SMOFCon

newest Starfleet International's Region 7 web site Starfleet, an international Star Trek fan organization,
has the many chapters in Region 7.

o  o  Star Trek Association of Towson (the people who bring you Shore Leave)

o USS Chesapeake, NCC-9102 an independent Star Trek and science-fiction club and have no affiliation with Starfleet or I.F.T. that meets every month, usually at a member's home, for dinner, a meeting, and to watch a video of a sci-fi movie or latest TV show. If someone is looking for a highly structured, dogmatic club with lots of rules and reglations to abide by, then this is not the club for them. They enjoy socializing and just getting together as friends.

o  o  Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA)

newest  o  World Fantasy Convention

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