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Welcome The New Look - front The new look - main room
Welcome The new look - front The new look - main room
snacks on the chopping block Die you discusting veggies oh yeah, well take this cutting the cheese
headed for the munchy platter die you dirty veggies oh, yeah, well take this! cutting the cheese
cannery row kissy, kissy one of three cakes Carrot logo cake
Cannery row how about a little kiss? lots of cake and a special one
Hal plays photographer rocket in a pot  �  �
Hal shoots the cake rocket in a pot</td>  �  �
we have to sign in?? early crowd the crowd thickens  �
we have to sign IN?? the early crowd the crowd builds  �
The meeting begins City council presents The certificate Bus Science Fiction Society members
The ceremony begins the city council presents A citation, but no fine Bus Science Fiction Society
Roll 16 - 39 Roll 16 - 42 The party in full swing Roll 16 - 33
assorted random conversations  �
Roll 16 - 51 Roll 16 - 37 Roll 16 - 35 Roll 16 - 38
Roll 16 - 40  � I'd rather be reading A quiet moment
 �  � I'd rather be reading me too
And some Fluxx The games come out Carcassonne  �
what is BSFS without games??  �
Social Class - what else? 3 no trump? No a King making hand! So this is where the teens hang out! It must have been good
they have class - social class 7 no trump - no a king maker! teenage hangout a good time had by all - except maybe the cake.

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