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o splotch2.gif splotch2.gif splotch2.gif Jump here for advice on What to do about SPAM!!! splotch2.gif splotch2.gif splotch2.gif

o splotch2.gif splotch2.gif splotch2.gif HTML E-Mail, why not to use it. splotch2.gif splotch2.gif splotch2.gif

o splotch2.gif splotch2.gif splotch2.gif HTML E-Mail, how to turn it off. splotch2.gif splotch2.gif splotch2.gif

o Add Me! This button is for adding your web page to up to 20 search engines at one time.

o A List Apart For people who make web pages.

o the best source of how-to-do web stuff anywhere. You can sign up for the "Almost A Newsletter" which contains a lot of usefull stuff. Try it.


newest Desktop Starships: Free SF Screen Savers, Desktops plus. Interesting art. Interesting video clips. Lots of free stuff and only a few for sale links.

o Dynamic Drive Very useful Free Java applets

o Error Message Generator, make your own.

o Freebyte: Many Free Software Reference Links.

o Geek Tools
Investigate anything about the Internet including spam, tracert, whois, RFCs. Also contains a link to find a hotel that is computer-friendly?

o Free Gif Animations Site 1.

o Free Animation Gifs Site 2.

o HTML Colors Code Chart Pick out the color you want and have the code right there ready to use.

o Net Disaster This site allows you to designate another web page for destruction and fakes a live feed as it is attacked by the menace of your choice. Copy the resulting URL and create a link on your page showing it destroyed. Fun.

o Graphic Workshop Professional by Alchemy Mindworks

o Icorus Search Engine

o Internet Traffic Report
Looks like it should be useful, but is really not very for analysis because of lack of detail. Seems impressive to know, though.

o Librarian's Index to the Internet Designed for use by public librarians. This 7,000-site directory is an excellent resource for anyone who needs to research a topic on the Web. You'll find sites related to the arts, education, geography, literature, law, medicine, sports, and many other subjects, and each site listing contains a brief review.

o MapPlanet

o National Do Not Call Registry!
Most telemarketers cannot call your telephone number if it is in the National Do Not Call Registry. You can register your home and mobile phone numbers for free. Your registration will be effective for five years. has links to individual states information.

o Internet Speed Test-- Check your download and upload stats.

o SubmitWolf PRO - Why pay a submission service to promote your web site? SubmitWolf an automated web site submission tool. It is also used by most commercial URL submission services to provide their service.

o Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2002

o Web Wayback Machine
view web pages from years past from this huge archive. Try it with "" or "" or even "" (it is sometimes slow)

o whatis®
whatis® is a knowledge exploration tool about information technology, especially about the Internet and computers. It contains over 2,000 individual encyclopedic definition/topics and a number of quick-reference pages. The topics contain about 12,000 hyperlinked cross-references between definition-topics and to other sites for further information. They try hard to keep it up-to-date.

o Zombie Letter Generator

Spam Information Center

o Address Harvesting Obstruction

o The Anti-Spam Home Page

o Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE)

o Ecofuture

o Federal Trade Commission


o Spam: PDF of What the FTC Says
Do you receive lots of junk email messages from people you don't know? It's no surprise if you do. As more people use email, marketers are increasingly using email messages to pitch their products and services. Some consumers find unsolicited commercial email - also known as "spam" - annoying and time consuming; others have lost money to bogus offers that arrived in their email in-box.

This site gives you a way you can take action against spammers.


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