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o Aberrant Dreams Magazine

o Abyss and Apex a Speculative Fiction Webzine

o Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine

o Another Realm Webzine

o Ansible A British sf/fan newsletter that is updated monthly.

o Aphelion Webzine

o Argentus Fanzine: Fandom, SF Critical Analysis and more as a free pdf download.

o Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

o Best SF a Review Webzine

o Bewildering Stories a Speculative Fiction Webzine

o Bits & Pieces is an occasional eletter for CONduit Reading for the Future (RFF) Utah. Bits & Pieces is distributed through eGroups. Have news? Email to the moderator "rffutah1 at juno dot com". To join/subscribe email "rffutah-subscribe at egroups dot com"

o Critcal Mass: SF Literature Reviews and Referance by Don D'Ammassa

o Dargonzine-Shared Fantasy Fiction

o Dotty's Dimensions

o Huge number of historical and present Fanzines on all SF subjects archived as pdf files

o Ellen Datlow's Sci-Fiction Webzine

o Estronomicon eZine

o Expanded Horizons Webzine

o Fantastic Metropolis: Speculative Fiction


o Free Newsletter Offer!!! Dear Baltimore Science Fiction Society:
I'd like to invite any members of the club to sign up for my free quarterly newsletter. It goes out via e-mail and features author interviews, articles, news and reviews about the speculative fiction world. The next one goes out in mid-July and features an interview with Amy Sterling Casil. I'll also be giving away a free copy of Battlefield Earth to a random subscriber.
To sign up, just send an e-mail to "nicholson at hauntedcomputer dot com" with "signup" as the subject. Thanks for passing this announcement along to club members.
Scott Nicholson

o File 770 Online version of Mike Glyer's science fiction fan newzine.

o Futureismic Webzine: includes fiction and speculation articles.

o Galaxy Magazine e-zine

o Gothic Net e-zine

o Hologram Tales- the free SF & Fantasy magazine - This list is used to e-mail out a free magazine which features a range of tongue-in-cheek observations about the latest SF and fantasy movies, books, videos, model kits, comics and any other news scoops they can get their grubby little mitts on. All the usual targets are covered ... Star Wars, Phantom Menace, Star Trek, DS9, Voyager, Xena, Dune, parallel universes, William Gibson novels etc. This list has a number of high profile subscribers, including George Lucas, Ken Livingstone, Arthur C. Clarke and Steven Spielberg. The thing we like most about this newsletter is its wry sense of humor - very British and terribly amusing.

Highly Recommended ... a Six Star e-mail newsletter.

TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST: Contact list owner at:
"jessica_p_martin at hotmail dot com"

o SF Tip News Line

o Ideomancer a Speculative Fiction Webzine.

o "Illuminata at TyrannosaurusPress dot com" The monthly SF&F Webzine of Tyrannosaurus Press

o Infinite Matrix Webzine

o Infinity Plus: British SF

o Intergalactic Medicine Show:Webzine edited by Orson Scott Card

o Internet Review of SF. Fiction Review site.

o Leading Edge, The - a semi-professional magazine.

o Locus On-Line Webzine

o THE LORELEI SIGNAL:Web-zine Featuring Fantasy about Strong Women

o Mimosa

o Nossa Morte Webzine Horror Webzine

o Nth Degree WebzineThe Fiction and Fandom 'Zine

o Nuketown E-zine

o Planet Magazine - free quarterly

o Planetary Stories Webzine: New Stories crafted as if from the Classic Pulps.

o Plokta Network: Fannish News

o Quantum Muse Webzine

o Revolution SF Webzine

o Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Bulletin a subscription publication

o Sci-Fi Blog: Reality and Fiction News

o SciFi Wire Daily News

o Short fiction reviews.

o UK SF Book News E-Zine

o Scifidimensions Video, Book, movie reviews and original fiction.

o Scribal Tales A fantasy, science fiction, horror and hybrid e-zine featuring short stories, artwork and more.

o SF and Fantasy World Reviews, author interviews and book excerpts organized as a webzine.

o SFRevu SF Literary Reviews

o SFScope Daily News

o Solar Flair Webzine

o Stories by Email Interesting premise - theyre free.

o StoryCrafting: The Fiction Writers Magazine

o Strange Horizons A weekly web-based magazine of and about "speculative fiction." a term these editors feel properly embraces science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, and a host of sub-genres.

o Strange Magazine the online version of Strange Magazine(TM).

o Tangent Online: Webzine of SF Reviews.

o Ticonderoga: Webzine of Australian SF.

o Webzine of SF fandom news.

o Ultraverse Webzine

o Subscribe to the Useless Facts Daily ezine and get useless facts like these in your emailbox everyday.

o Writer's Market Webzine

o The Zone Interviews and author profiles, genre essays, retrospective listings, plus incisive reviews - covering books, cinema, TV, video and more.

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