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Lovely Femme-Fan in
[A lovely femme-fan in Chain-Mail]

There is a lo-o-o-o-ng story about this picture....

(story told by
Hal Haag)

The year was 1983, I had never heard much about fandom (hadn't heard about the
Baltimore WorldCon that year either), but was into D&D somewhat. I was also
into computers. My friend, Art Blumberg, with whom I shared an interest in D&D
and computers, asked to borrow my computer for a weekend in exchange for
"membership" to something called a science fiction convention known as Balticon.
He neglected to tell me when this event was to take place (or I, typically,
neglected to remember when he might have said it was to be ).

The following year on Good Friday, my 13 year old son (Evan) and I decided to play
"tourist" and take our cameras down to the Inner Harbor and take pictures of the
relatively new pavilions in the Inner Harbor. We were taking a short cut
thru the Hyatt Regency Hotel when we noticed a lot of people milling about in
costumes, notably a Persian Slave-Trader in the traditional puffy-sleeved shirt,
baggy pantaloons, sash, turban and pointy-toed shoes leading a female "slave"
who was dressed in a chain-mail bikini and a smile.

When my son and I reached the bottom of the escalator we were riding, we realized
that the slave girl had reached the top of the other escalator and we still
had cameras (as yet unused) still strapped to our wrists. Being careful not to
trip over our tongues :-), we bolted up the escalator to find her, to discover
the convention that Art had told us about. We bought memberships to the convention
and stayed to enjoy the festivities, but we never saw the young lady in the chain
mail bikini again that year.
Two years later, during Balticon 20, I was running the computer gaming room by this
time, and one of my gamers rushed into the computer room exclaiming "She's here!
She's here!"

"Who's here?" I asked.

"The girl in the chain mail bikini!!" (You see, by this time I had told this story
many times to many people...)

I grabbed my now ever-present camera and rushed out on to the mezzanine balcony
to be greeted by the lovely young femme fan seen above who greeted me with "I hear
you have been looking for me!" To my reply in the affirmative, she asked "How
would you like me to pose?" The above picture is the result of this meeting.
To answer your obvious question, No, I don't know her name. I would like to give
her credit here, and if anybody out there can correctly identify her, I will do
so on this page.

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