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On a very simple note, you can take part in and spread the word about BSFS' annual event: Balticon

If you want and crave more involved participation, you can get involved with the local activities and events outlined in the BSFS calendar.

BSFS is an all volunteer organization and we need people to help sort books, staff public outreach events and do all of the other tasks that keep any modern effort running. To learn about volunteer opportunities contact "bsfs at bsfs dot org."

BSFS will accept donations of books to the library as well as funds to support our literary programs if you would like to contribute. Frankly, we prefer actual volunteer hours, but if you are too busy, other resources are gratefully accepted.

If your desire to help is more passive, your purchasing habits can help BSFS!! Science Fiction Fans are consumers of SF literature and movies and some are music buffs, too. Fans like to save money while they are being discriminating consumers. BSFS would like to suggest the following methods of contributing:, and donates money to a member's chosen non-profit organization just for shopping at the igive mall. These people have been consistent with their checks, and we appreciate their efforts.

Many BSFS members have told us that they buy books through anyway, and if only those people buy through our connections, we, as a non-profit organization, stand to gain roughly 5% of the gross cost of the purchases in what is known as "referral fees." This does not increase the already low cost to the purchaser, they will still save money. This fee comes from as a fee to us for referring the purchser to their venue. BSFS fans win both ways - saving money on their purchases and knowing that their purchases are doing the society some good.

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