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What is the BSFS Emailing List?
BALTICON/Local Event; e-mail information service.

What does the BSFS Emailing List do?
The Baltimore Science Fiction Society will be sending BALTICON updates and information about local (Maryland) events Science Fiction Fans might find interesting to people who subscribe to this listserv type e-mail system.

How often is the BSFS Emailing List used?
We will send once a month updates till one month before BALTICON and then weekly updates the month before BALTICON.

What kind of info is sent on the BSFS Emailing List?
This is a moderated listserve and will contain BSFS meeting changes as well as brief local non-profit SF con notes, non-profit book sales, SF author signings, SF theater events and anything else we feel most SF fans would like to know. Commercial activities will need to be very, very, very interesting to SF fans before they are considered for inclusion in this list.

Can I see sample news items from the list?
Yes, the news is eventually posted on our web site and you can read the most recent mailings at BSFS News Service.

Can I send info to the Mailing List?
Not Directly, but If you have an event you believe should be listed send it to: "bsfs at bsfs dot org".

How do I join the BSFS Emailing List?
To subscribe to this list, which is hosted by Google these days click here and follow the simple directions. Or send email to dale at bsfs dot org asking to be on the list.

If I do not get mail from the list what is wrong?
If you sign up for this list, but never recieve mail it is likely your ISP is blocking mail lists as part of their anti-spam defense system. You may be able to use a feature provided by the ISP to opt-in and allow the email from our list-serve system to pass or it is possible that in the case of pesky ISPs that you will be unable to convince their system to cooperate. If they are bone headed you will have to read the web posted mail messages or get another ISP that is less bone headed. One of the reasons we switched to google distribution was to minimize this problem.

How much will membership in the BSFS Mailing List cost me?
This is a free service of The Baltimore Science Fiction Society.

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