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Past & Future Worldcons:

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Standing Worldcons (& NASFiCs):

o 2022 Chicon 8 in Chicago, Illinois
o 2021 DisCon III in Washington DC. USA

Nasfic and Bids:

Check this link for the most up to date bid news

Past Worldcons (& NASFiCs):

o 2014 Loncon 3 in London England
o 2013: Lone Star Con 3
o 2012: Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention,
o 2010: Aussiecon Four, the 68th World Science Fiction Convention
o 2011: Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention
o 2009: Anticipation, Montréal, Québec, Canada
o 2008: Denvention 3, Denver, Colorado, USA
o 2007: Japan
o la06.gif 2006: Los Angeles, CA
o Worldcons in UK Worldcons in UK
o Magicon 1992: Magicon
o 1995: Intersection
o 1996: L.A.con III
o 1997: Lone Star Con 2.
o 1998: BucConeer
o 1999: Aussiecon Three
o 1999: Conucopia, the 1999 NASFiC
o 2000: Chicon 2000
o Some pictures of Chicon 2000
o 2001: Millennium Philcon
o conjose.gif 2002: Con Jose
o torcon3.gif 2003: Toronto, CANADA
o 2003: Toronto, CANADA Costume Pics
o n4logo_s.gif 2004: Boston, MA
o UK in 2005: Glasgow, Scotland

Worldcon Bids:

o wcbids.gif WorldCon/NASFiC Bids
o 2011: Chernobyl
o o More Hoax Bids will be added as time permits
And as we are notified about them.....hint, hint!!
o o

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