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o Amazing Space , Fun for Kids
o Archimedes History site
o The Astronomy Cafe, a faq list to answer non-astronomers questions
o Backyard Astronomy Guide from Home Advisor
o Baltimore Astronomical Society
o Basics of Space Flight a popular, longtime Internet offering that teaches the essentials of operating interplanetary spacecraft missions, has been updated and is now available, courtesy of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.
o Challenger Center for Space Education
o Earth at Night
o Heavens Above: Locate objects in night sky for viewing.
o Hubble Space Telescope Picture Archive
o Human Spaceflight Today
o Impact Effects This program will give you a clue on the effects on you if, say, an asteroid hit Glen Burnie, MD (you pick the distance from where you are). Really cool.
o JPLs Planetary Photojournal
o Mars Society , Everything you ever wanted to know about Mars and more.
o Maryland Science Center, At the Baltimore Inner Harbor
o Nakka's Model Rocket site
o NASA Best Photos in History Archive
o National Space Society
o Seti@home SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers
in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free
program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.
o Seti League SETI League is a group for people building radio astromomy equipment and operating a cooperative search program.
o Solar System Simulator , view other objects in Space from the surface of any Planet.
o Space-Camp Information
o Space Daily News This one is very very good.
o Space Picture Library of JPL
o Space Settlement Page The Space Settlement Initiative has moved to a new web site.
o Space Studies Institute , Research Program pushing the Frontier
o , launch reports and general Space News.
o Space Station News from NASA HQ
o Starbase , U.S. Air force Education Program for at risk teens.
o Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
o PDF File of Paper on Economics of Interstellar Trade published 1978
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Science & Technology:
o All about Albert Einstein
o Archaeology Info Website
o Archaeology Society of Maryland
o Become a Teacher Info
o Calcuators on-Line Hundreds of web calculators that let you figure out almost anything.
o Chaos Gallery , of fractal and other images
o Computer Art for Science Education
o Dinosaur Data Website (excellent)
o Discovery Channel Education (excellent)
o DNA Information Site
o DNA-O-Gram Translate your message into DNA code or decode a friends message.
o Geek Press Science News with Attitude
o Gluing Things Together , or, How to glue things together properly.
o How Products are Made , Details about how many common products are manufactured in great detail.
o How Stuff Works , technology simulator and explanation.
o Junk Science "All the junk that's fit to debunk"
o Live Science: Science News site.
o Mad Scientist Network , A searchable database of science facts.
o Mathematical Concepts Animated as GIF Files , It's educational and fun! Ok, the animations are fun, the long winded explanations and math formula are boring, but you can always just look at the moving pictures.
o - The Microbiology Information Portal.
o NanoTechnology News
o National Capital Area Skeptics , Promoting critical thinking and scientific
understanding in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area.
o Official US Time , This site is simple, it tells you the official time in your time zone if you live in the Alaska time zone, Pacific time zone, Mountain time zone, Central time zone, or Eastern time zone.

Click the region you live in or want to know about and the next page gives you the official time there and shows you where the sun is shining in the world and where it's dark.

Use it to set your clocks or to check what times in your time zone compare to times outside of your time zone. That's handy when you need to contact a business outside of your time zone. Unfortunately, you can't use it to paint your carpet though, it doesn't work that way. If you click the link for Time Exhibits, you'll find links to sites featuring the history of timekeeping, calendars through the ages, and other time-related content.

It's not as boring as it sounds!
o Optical Illusions explained and demonstrated,
(eye popping visions and an explanation)
o Patent and Trademark Search Official , " Find a patent Search Engine to help you find a patent.
o Physics Principles Flash Animation Page
o Photography Through a Microscope (cool pictures)
o Physics Today
o another physics and general science news site.
o Periodic table interactive
o Science News Daily
o Science Toys From Household Materials
o Scientific American
o Frey Science for STEM Projects , Following in the shoes of LEONARDIANO DI VINCI, Thomas Jefferson and Doc Savage and Q.
o , Science and technology ideas matched to the SF novels where they first appeared.
o US Naval Observatory time is....
o All About Viruses Lots of pictures.
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